Mobile applications are different types of software applications that run on mobiles and tablets. The primary motive of the task is to assist the users by adding functionality to their lives. It’s a rapidly growing industry, the mobile application market is growing at a CAGR of 18.4% and is projected to reach $407.31 billion by 2026.

What are the key growth factors behind mobile application market growth?

Data penetration in rural markets: Increased availability of hardware and high-speed data connectivity has boosted the demand for mobile applications.

Rise of mobile app development companies: Enterprises have started investing huge amounts in mobile app development and this function is highly outsourced. The rise of boutique agencies and app development companies has further fuelled this process.

COVID 19 and remote working: According to reports, the industry has recorded a 177% rise in average DAUs(Daily active users) during the lockdown period. Grocery, Delivery, Medicines, Content consumption are a few functions that have recorded immense growth.

What is the mobile app development process?

The Google Play Store has 2.87 million apps while iOS has 1.96 million apps, but how many of these apps are actually successful? An average smartphone user only uses 10 apps a day and 30 apps in a month. Thus the idea should be to create a “successful” mobile application.

Mobile app development is a multistep process. It includes building a robust strategy that has 4 major stages- Defining, Designing, Building and Launching.

Bespoke Mobile App Development Process

Stage 1 – Defining

In order to build a successful app, you have to keep your strategy in mind and tread accordingly. This stage is the foundation of your app-building process, this has to be done right else the process ahead may falter.

Study the market- Before creating an app you need to extensively study a market and do your thorough research. You will have to answer the following questions:

  • Who is your target audience
  • What is the need gap that your app is filling?
  • What is the purpose of your app?
  • What is the monetisation strategy?

Once you answer these questions, you will have a fair idea of your product and you can now enter into the second stage of designing the mobile app

Stage 2- Designing

Once your strategy is ready, you just have to follow it religiously. The next step in the process is designing the flow of the app:

Picking the right technology: You have three options to choose from- Native App development – Apps that work either on android or ios, Hybrid App Development – Apps that work on both these platforms. Both these technologies have a unique experience and benefit.

UI/UX Design: A user-friendly app with a seamless customer experience attracts 2X numbers of customers compared to regular apps. Make sure your UX design is appropriate for your target audience. Create a prototype and a style guide that defines your brand, it will have details like font, font size, colour and other details, a wireframe can also help in this situation.

Stage 3- Building

Since now your design is also ready, it’s time to get into the building stage where you have to create the app.

Build a team: Your team should share the same vision as you do for the app development process. You can either outsource it to a development company, hire remote freelance coders or do it in-house, it’s your choice.

The front-end is the section of an app that the end-user will use. In most cases, it uses an API and a back-end that manages data storage.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP): As the name suggests, MVP is the minimum feature you require for the app to launch. These metrics should be aligned with your mobile app strategy and are essential.

Step 4- Launching

Once your application is complete you enter the last stage of the process, launching the app. This is the stage that determines a lot whether all the above stages have worked or not for you.

Test. Test and TEST: We can’t emphasise the importance of quality assurance testing. Make sure your app goes through a functional test, user experience test, security test and performance test.

Marketing: An essential feature in the process of creating a “successful” app is marketing your product. Since you have your TG, make sure you are marketing your product well. Social media marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO Optimisation, Public Relations are a few essential features of marketing strategy.

Deploy the app: You have to submit your app to the Android store or the ios store. For the same, you will need meta description, launch icon, keywords. Make sure once your app goes live you are monitoring all the data to see the performance of the application.

While these were all the major stages in the app development process, a successful app does not stop here. Given below are a few post-launch practises that you should follow:

Gather feedback and improvise: Once you’ve launched your app in the market, speak to the experts and get comprehensive feedback, This feedback will fuel your strategy for the journey ahead.

Make regular updates: If you want your app to stay in the market for the long run, make regular updates. Apps get uninstalled as they fail to keep up with functionality or attention. Make sure you keep up with the Android and ios updates as well.

Focus on user retention: Monitor data effectively and focus on user retention strategies. Your aim should be to attract new customers and create “loyal” customers out of your current lot.

Developing an app is an ever-going process and you need efficient and expert team support in the long run. Auxano Global Services is a leading online app development company in the United Kingdom. It has the expertise and a record of creating apps for clients from a wide range of sectors like finance, retail, healthcare, logistics, etc. The company not only creates the applications and successfully launches them but also takes care of the maintenance and up-gradation post-launch.

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