Our FinTech Development Services

Bespoke Fintech Application

Our team of experienced, certified and experienced Java/J2EE programmers can develop custom Fintech solutions for your company in Java/J2EE using packages like JSP, Struts, Thymeleaf, Hibernate, Amazon Web Services, or other frameworks.

Accounting Software Solution

With our experience in Accounting Software Solutions, we can develop customized accounting software applications using Oracle/PL/SQL, C++, Java/J2EE for small to large businesses.

AI-enabled Fintech Solutions

We take pride in our decision-making and Machine Learning(ML) solutions that elevate your business performance. Our dedicated teams of experienced, certified, and experienced Java/J2EE programmers work on AI-enabled Fintech Solutions for your business.

Customer relationship management is central to the success of any financial organization. We understand the importance of your CRM and come up with a solution that helps you manage the customer relationship and improve your bottom line.

Blockchain Technology

With our expertise in Blockchain Technology, we can work on developing custom Blockchain solutions for your business. All our blockchain projects are developed using Apache Cassandra, Apache Hadoop, Ethereum, etc.

Digital Wallet Development

We provide a full range of Digital Wallet Development Services. We have a team of expert digital wallet experts who help you develop customized digital wallet applications or/and white label digital wallet applications.


What We Do

Solutions to Meet Market Needs

Our team of experienced, & certified Java/J2EE programmers works on our client's needs that help us in providing solutions to meet market needs. We provide the Best Bespoke Software Development Services that the implementation customer needs.
We provide various Blockchain Solutions that help remove complexities, enhance security, and solve other challenges faced by small and large mid-sized businesses across the Globe.
We support payments, including transaction gateway, e-payment gateway, Order online payments gateway(OOP), prepaid payment gateway, etc. Our dedicated team of programmers ensures seamless payments integration with your accounting system or ERP software.


domain-3rd BANKING
domain-5th CARDS & PAYMENTS
domain-6th ACCOUNTING

Other Advantages You Get With Us

We excel in offering a wide range of FinTech software development solutions to clients of all sizes.


Data Security & Privacy

We use several new technologies such as Blockchain, AI, etc., and take care of your data security in the software solutions we deliver.
We design our business applications using an Agile Development process. This approach helps us in delivering the most efficient and reliable business application solutions to clients' requirements.
At Auxano Global Services, our FinTech software development team ensures that your application is user-friendly and offers customers a hassle-free experience.

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