Healthcare Software Development Services

EHR/EMR software

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) keeps everything in one place, such as medical history, lab results, allergy data, treatment plans. Electronic Health Records (EHR) is to help doctors share patient information with labs, pharmacies, emergency facilities, and patients themselves. We develop this for mobile as well as web platforms.

mHealth Application

At AGS, we can assist you in developing mobile apps for smartphones, tablets, patient monitoring, and other wireless devices to diagnose illness, track diseases, and receive health information.

Whereas the user apps track health indicators, apps for patients connect them with their doctors via video calls and chats.

Patient Portal

We can help you deliver healthcare web or mobile apps for patients to check reports from doctor visits, lab test results, prescriptions.

By this, patients will be able to access the portal 24/7 by eliminating the need to contact a physician’s office to get information.

Web Development

Our developers can create an internal website for employees to inform any emergency, share knowledge on forums, onboard new staff. This will simplify internal communication between the hospital's employees, store treatment protocols & enhances staff training.

Healthcare CRM & PRM

The healthcare CRM software supports the complete patient care journey from the moment they contact you to draw the treatment plan. PRM systems deliver more individualized treatment, notify patients about new wellness & disease-management programs, provide after-sale services. We can help you develop both with our expertise.

Telehealth Software Development

Our web and mobile developers can create software for remote consulting through chat and video calls to monitor and evaluate patients' medical states. This software allows for e-prescribed medications and remotely prescribed treatments.

What We Do

Modify vision to reality

We bring your most complex healthcare software solutions to life with our full-cycle healthcare software development solutions ranging from UI/UX design, programming, testing, system integration to product sustainability and maintenance.
Create your custom healthcare solutions that assist you to realize the full value of patient data with AI and ML using analytics, accelerate time-to-insight and encourage better patient care.
Develop healthcare IT solutions according to all the required compliance and regulations such as HIPAA, data breach laws, etc.


Clinical Trial Systems
PHI Anonymization Software
Medical Billing Platforms
Reconciliation Software
Workforce Management Systems
Care Management Solutions

Other Medical Solutions

Recognized as the top healthcare software development company, we offer healthcare app development services to implement mobile, desktop, cloud-based medical software and applications customized to meet your business needs.

Healthcare Business Intelligence Solutions

Our custom solutions are developed for healthcare providers that address their specific needs and objectives. Our custom BI solutions enable better health results and enhance patient satisfaction.
Our custom software empowers healthcare providers with innovative solutions and improves their digital transformation journey. We allow healthcare providers to increase outreach and enhance care.
Being experts in developing healthcare solutions, we develop medical image analysis software with Machine Learning technology to efficiently examine this data and generate detailed and actionable information on patient conditions.