Healthcare Software Development Services

Create EMR/EHR Software

We offer a cost-effective, high-quality solution for creating an EMR/EHR from scratch. Our company can produce top-notch EMR/EHR software applications that are tailored to meet each client's needs.

mHealth Application

At AGS, we focus on the development of various mHealth applications, tailored to support various mHealth research and development projects. We offer mHealth software development services for projects such as monitoring of patients’ health status, disease management, and medication management.

Patient Portal

We can help you make a patient portal website that is user-friendly and offers a huge range of benefits to patients. Our patient portal development solutions are highly adaptable and easy to use.

HealthCare Web Development

Our developers can create a tailor-made pharmaceutical Web Application for your business. We can design an online store for your organization, or create a dynamic content management system to enable you to manage all of your data in one place.

Healthcare CRM & PRM

Our team has extensive experience in designing online solutions that can handle business data and information, as well as integrating this information into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and/or PRM (Prospect Relationship Management) systems. The benefits of our healthcare CRM and PRM solutions include:

Telehealth Software Development

We are experienced in developing telemedicine software. Our telehealth software development services can help you make a highly effective platform for providing medical advice remotely to patients.


What We Do

Modify vision to reality

We provide the best, most effective, and cost-effective eHealth software development services in the market.
We help our clients to realize the maximum results in terms of positive impact on their patients, financial benefits, and betterment of the public healthcare system through numerous eHealth solutions designed by us.
Our solutions are built in compliance with all relevant healthcare standards and regulations for security, privacy, and data protection. In other words, we never compromise on these aspects of eHealth solutions nor any other aspect of them.


ins-healthcare Clinical Trial Systems
ins-healthcare PHI Anonymization Software
ins-healthcare Medical Billing Platforms
ins-healthcare Reconciliation Software
ins-healthcare Workforce Management Systems
ins-healthcare Care Management Solutions

Other Medical Solutions

Our services are not limited to the above-stated categories, we can also provide you with any kind of healthcare software solutions you require based on your requirement.


Healthcare Business Intelligence Solutions

We provide the best healthcare business intelligence solutions in the industry. Our healthcare business intelligence solutions can help you manage patient information, analyze and report on data, and facilitate informed decision-making so that you can improve your organization's performance.
We provide deep-dive analytics solutions that determine problem areas in your healthcare operations and facilitate better decision-making. Our business analytics software helps you identify solutions that will positively impact hospital operations and help you take corrective action.
We provide customized medical image analysis solutions that are used to solve complex problems of visual analysis. Our medical image solutions are used to perform visualization, segmentation, registration, matching of images, medical imaging data processing, and much more.

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