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About the Project

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    Project Overview

    ‘Best Ride’ is a platform where the user can compare various taxi service providers such as Uber, Ola. After entering the “From” and “To” locations, the user can view the map and the list of taxi service providers along with details such as logo, category name, Estimated fare, Seats, and Pickup time.

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    Target Audience

    Users can also book the ride after comparison by redirecting to a particular taxi service provider’s app. The app is available on both the major platforms Android & iOS.


Requirements by the Client

  • Our client's vision was to let people easily connect with drivers locally, manage their start and end destination on a map, track driver’s route, and make payments via multiple methods that are convenient to all.

  • Target Audience: The client wanted to target all generations that require daily transportation.

  • Easy, Simple Login: The app has a very simple, easy login for car owners and co-passengers.

  • Search a Ride: The passenger who would like to travel from a certain place to another he/she can find a ride by entering ‘Leaving from’ to ‘Where To’ details.

  • Trip Information: Riders can view trip information by clicking on the ride details. You can also check- pick up and drop location, price, and other facilities.

  • Calculate Time And Fare: For locations A to B, you can calculate time and fare with ease. The app will help riders and drivers estimate how much they will spend or earn on a trip.

  • Intuitive Notifications: Drivers and riders will receive notifications on the activities that come from the rider or driver side.

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Key Featurelist

1. Sign Up/Login

The user can sign up using the required details with the specific role. The user can also login with the password and id.

2. Accessibility

The user can access the application according to the role assigned to him. Every position has its privileges and restraints.

3. View

The user can view a few details such as his/her info, attendance, report, various pictures attached, overall activity.

4.Check into Site

The user can check into the site through the app by entering the team code.

5. Menu Search

User/Customers can search the food item by entering the keywords in the search bar.

6. Call to Waiter

User can ‘Call to Waiter’ tab to switch table, complaint, assistance.

7. Tray

Users can view the items added in the tray.

8. Review, Rating, and Comment

User can provide the Review, Rating, and Comment for all experience in the Hotel/Restaurant.

9. Hamburger Menu

Hamburger comprises of the profile, home, order history, support, notification, setting, FAQ, reward points.

1. Dashboard

In the home page Restaurant, Admin will get the dashboard, which will give the complete overview of the app, users, and Hotel.

2. Manage Users (Customers)

Restaurant Admin can view the booked, vacant and reserved tables of customers.

3. Manage Waiters

Restaurant Admin can manage the waiters (Add/Edit/Delete)

4. Manage Orders

Restaurant Admin can view the orders with filter options such as date and category. Admin can transfer the orders of waiters who will be available at that time as well.

5. Manage Loyalty

Restaurant Admin can perform these actions to manage the Loyalty with filter options.

6. Manage Category

Restaurant Admin can add, edit, or delete the category.

7. Restaurant Specific content

Admin can manage restaurant specific contents (Add/Edit/Delete).

8. Manage Menu

Description of products with complete details.

9. Manage Feedback, Comments, and Ratings

Admin can view the rating and Review of order, and he/she can delete the review of any specific user.

10. Manage Report

Restaurant Admin can generate the report.

11. Manage Profile

Restaurant Admin can manage profile information

1. App-Specific Content

Super admin can only manage the app-specific contents (Add/Edit/Delete).

2. Manage CMS

Super Admin can Add/Edit/Delete the static text contents.

3. Manage Notifications

Super Admin can view and send notifications to the User/ Restaurant Admin and can send ‘Apps updates’ to the customers.

4. Manage Profile

Super Admin can manage their profile information and sign out as well.

5. Manage FAQ

Super Admin can manage FAQ (Add/Edit/Delete)

6. Manage Profile

Super Admin can generate the report.




Our developers created a module where the Admin can add estimated fare from city to city. So that the approx fare the user can get on the mobile app.


Our client wanted to make their platform better and more reliable than others in the industry. Different from other ride-sharing companies, they wanted to add more safety features to the app.


Our Solutions

Instead of using scripts based on old technologies, we created Best Ride using advanced solutions. For iOS, we used the latest version of the Swift programming language. On the other hand, has been used for Android. Navigation has been done using Google Maps.

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