Blockchain Game Development has come a long way since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. One of the most recent trends in the industry is Play-to-Earn (P2E) games that allow players to earn money according to their performance in the game could well be a revolution in the gaming world.

With the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming has skyrocketed. Gaming has transformed from a purely recreational to a lucrative career and a booming investment opportunity. With around  44.5 million players, gamers are discovering innovative ways to monetise their hobbies and turn their passions into sources of income. As a result, P2E games are becoming increasingly popular among gamers and developers alike.

However, developing a P2E game is not an easy task. It requires expertise in blockchain technology, game development, and NFTs. In this article, you will explore how a Play-to-Earn game works, the cost of developing a P2E game, the factors that affect the cost, and the stages of development.

What is Play-to-Earn (P2E)? Earn Cryptocurrencies While Playing

Having become very popular since 2021, Play-to-Earn is a game that uses cryptocurrencies and, more broadly, blockchain technologies.

If giving a simple definition of a Play-to-Earn: Players earn crypto rewards according to their participation, actions, and of course, their results in a game.

A Play-to-Earn Can Allow You To Win Several Things:

  • Cryptocurrencies, which can be earned, traded, sold, or used in a game;
  • NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can be used in-game (equipment, characters, virtual land, etc.) or traded on specialised marketplaces.

Play to Earn represents a way to democratise using cryptocurrencies and Web3: earn money while playing and having fun! Unlikely to become a millionaire, but by testing some P2E early enough and getting heavily involved, it is possible to earn a lot of cryptocurrencies and NFTs that could be worth a significant amount in Ethers (ETH) or fiat currencies ($).

Top 5 Popular Play-To-Earn Games In The Market

Top-5-Popular-p2e-gamesThe top five popular play-to-earn games in the market are:

With millions of players logging on daily to earn real money playing these games, they’ve become one of the most profitable activities for developers and gamers alike.

The best part about these games is that they are all built on blockchain technology, which allows them to be transparent, secure, and immutable. The use of cryptocurrency in these games also ensures that players can easily transfer their earnings without going through third parties or financial institutions.

How Does a Play-to-Earn Work?

  • Registering for the game via the website or by downloading a mobile application;
  • Play the game (sometimes you have to buy one or more NFTs beforehand);
  • Earn rewards in crypto or NFT;
  • Sell ​​their rewards to get cash like Euros or reinvest their earnings to increase their chances of earning better rewards.
  • The operation of a P2E is similar to that of a classic game. However, the rewards and items obtained by playing are valuable and belong to you. These rewards can be freely resold to other players outside the game, which is impossible for Web2 video games operating in a closed ecosystem.

Features That Differentiate Blockchain Game Development:

Features about blockchain game developmentBelow are some of the features that differentiate Blockchain Game Development from traditional game development:

key difference-crypto-gaming and blockchain games

Decentralized Networks:  

Blockchain technology is based on decentralized networks, which provide a secure and transparent environment for game development. All data is stored on the network and can be accessed by anyone with permission, thus eliminating the need for third parties or centralized servers.

Verifiable Assets:

Blockchain-based games typically use verifiable digital assets such as cards or tokens. This allows users to prove ownership of certain items and exchange them with other players in the game.

Smart Contract:

Through the use of smart contracts, hire game developers are able to create automated processes that ensure fair play and transparent outcomes. Smart contracts also enable players to earn rewards for their successful in-game activities. Moreover, they protect players from fraudulent activities.

Immutable Records:

Blockchain technology offers an immutable record of all transactions, which ensures a fair and transparent gaming experience. This makes it difficult for hackers to manipulate the game and ensures that all transactions are secure and accurate.

Each Stage Of Development And Respective Cost Of Developing a Play-To-Earn Game:

05-Phases-and-Cost-for-P2E-Game-DevelopmentThere are several stages in developing a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, each with associated costs. The phases of P2E game development typically include planning, research, game design, development, testing, implementation, and ongoing maintenance. Below are the development phases and their respective costs for P2E game development.

Planning and Research:

The first stage of P2E game development is planning and research. At this stage, the game’s concept is defined, and the target audience is determined. The feasibility of the game is also determined at this point. The cost of planning and research ranges from $5000 to $15000, depending on the game’s complexity.

Game Design:

The game design phase creates the game’s visual elements, such as characters, backgrounds, and user interface. The game design must match the theme and story of the game. Game design costs range from $6000 to $37000, depending on the complexity of the game. This phase includes designing the game’s artwork, animation, and sound effects.


The development phase includes coding game mechanics, integrating NFT, and writing smart contracts. This phase is the longest and can take months to complete. Development costs range from $51000 to $260000, depending on the complexity of the game. Costs include game mechanics development, blockchain integration, and writing smart contracts.


During the testing phase, the Best NFT-Based Play-To-Earn Game Development Company tests the game to ensure it works and is error-free. This stage is very important to the game’s success as it ensures the stability and playability of the game. Testing costs range from $10000 to $52000, depending on the extent of testing required. This phase includes testing the game’s functionality, usability and security.


In the release phase, you open your game to the public. This phase includes publishing your game on the App Store, promoting your game, and creating social media accounts for your game. Publishing costs range from $5000 to $20000, depending on the marketing strategy used to promote the game.

Ongoing Maintenance:

The final stage of P2E game development is ongoing maintenance. This step includes fixing bugs, updating game mechanics, and adding new features to the game. The cost of ongoing maintenance depends on the size and complexity of your game. Costs range from $10000 to $52000 per year.

It is important to note that the development costs of P2E games vary greatly depending on the features included in the game. The above prices are approximate and may be higher or lower depending on the specific requirements of your game. It is encouraged that you work with a dedicated p2e game developer who can provide you with a customised game development solution. By working with a leading Top NFT Game Development Agency, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality service at a reasonable price.

Top P2E Blockchain Development Challenges:

P2E Blockchain Development ChallengesDespite the advantages of blockchain game development, there are still some challenges that developers face. Below are some of the top P2E blockchain development challenges:

High Barrier To Entry:

Building a blockchain game is no easy feat. It requires knowledge about coding and developing for the blockchain as well as an understanding of the various technologies involved.

Scalability Issues:

One of the major challenges for blockchain game developers is scalability. As more users join the game, transaction processing time slows down, leading to a decrease in user experience. Moreover, the lack of scalability leads to higher transaction costs.


Despite utilizing blockchain technology, the games are still vulnerable to attacks from hackers. As a result, developers must ensure that the game is secure and all transactions are properly verified before being processed.

It’s Challenging To Create High-Engagement Games:

Creating a high-engagement game is difficult with blockchain technology. The games must be designed with the user in mind, and developers must ensure that the user experience is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

Centralized vs. Decentralized P2E Games:

Many people are confused about the differences between centralized and decentralized play-to-earn games. Centralized games are hosted on a single server, while decentralized games are run on the blockchain with distributed nodes. Both offer unique advantages, although decentralized games tend to be more secure and offer more transparency for players.

Some of the key advantages of centralized games are that they are easier to develop, require less technical knowledge, and can be monetized more easily. On the other hand, decentralized games offer more security and transparency, but they require a greater understanding of blockchain technology and are more expensive to develop.

Moreover, decentralized games have the potential to create a more level playing field, as they eliminate any single point of failure, whereas centralized games are usually owned and operated by a single entity.

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Cost Of Developing a P2E Game:

Developing a P2E game development involves a large investment that may vary from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending upon the complexity of the game and the level of expertise required. However, on average, P2E game development costs range from $51000 to $260000. Please note that these are only guidelines; actual costs may vary depending on game features, developer, and region. Therefore, it is important for Hire Play-To-Earn Game Developers to clearly understand the factors that affect P2E game development costs.

Working with a P2E Game Development company that can provide Bespoke NFT-Based Play-To-Earn Game Development Solutions that fit your needs and budget is important. The costs may seem high, but developing a successful P2E game can pay big dividends in user adoption and revenue.

Cost Breakdown For P2E Mobile Game Development:

To help you streamline the cost structure, below are some of the major components that need to be taken into account when developing a play-to-earn game:

Refining The Idea Behind Your Game:

This is the first step of game development and usually involves consulting with a team of professionals to create an outline for the game. Think about questions like “What type of game do you want to make?”, and “Who are your target players?”. Moreover, also think about how you want to monetize your game.

Different Phases Of The Game Development Process:

Once the concept for the game is developed, you’ll have to go through several phases of the game development process. This includes designing the game’s front end, creating the back end, and testing the game for bugs and errors. Generally, the cost of developing these components will depend on the size and complexity of the game.


Once the game is developed, it’s important to run tests on it to make sure that everything works properly. This usually involves a team of testers performing various tests such as usability tests, load testing, and security testing.

Development And Support:

Once the game is ready to be released, developers need to ensure that the game runs properly and can handle increased traffic. Additionally, maintenance costs for the game may also arise due to bug fixes and updates. Moreover, developers may also need to provide support for the game, which can add to the overall cost.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Playing Games To Earn

Factors Affecting-Cost-of-P2E-GamesP2E games are games that allow players to earn real money by playing games. Integrating NFTs and blockchain technology has made it possible to create transparent, secure, and fair P2E games for all players. Play-to-Earn (P2E) game features can significantly impact development costs. Let’s examine the features that affect the cost of developing P2E games.

Game Mechanics:

Game mechanics in P2E games, the rules, and regulations that govern how a game is played, can significantly impact development costs. For example, using complex algorithms for game development can be quite expensive.

P2E games must have engaging and addictive gameplay to attract and retain players, and their mechanics must also be fair to all players and ensure that players have equal opportunities to earn rewards. The cost of developing game mechanics ranges from $10000 to $51000, depending on the game’s complexity.

NFT integration:

NFTs are unique digital assets representing anything from in-game items and virtual property to characters. Using NFTs in P2E games allows players to own their in-game items and trade them with other players.

NFT integration requires expertise in blockchain technology, which can significantly impact development costs—the more complex the NFT integration, the higher the cost. NFT integration includes creating and implementing smart contracts on the blockchain, designing NFTs, and integrating NFTs into games.NFT integration costs range from $11000 to $52000, depending on the complexity of the NFT integration.

Game Design:

The game design includes character design, background and user interface that can also affect the development costs of P2E games. The more visually attractive the game, the higher the cost. The game design must match the theme and story of the game. The game design must be user-friendly and easy to navigate, increasing player engagement and keeping you in the game. Game design costs range from $6000 to $31000, depending on the game’s complexity.

Platform Compatibility:

Developing P2E games that are compatible with different platforms can increase development costs. For example, developing a game that can run on iOS and Android devices can be more expensive than developing a game for just one platform. The cost of developing a game for multiple platforms ranges from $6000 to $20000, depending on the number of platforms and the game’s complexity.


Games must be secure and protect players’ identities and digital assets. The game’s security can be ensured by using blockchain technology and smart contracts. The cost of gaming insurance can range from $6000 to $20000, depending on the level of security required.


Your game must be scalable to accommodate a large number of players. The use of blockchain technology and NFT ensures the scalability of the game. The cost of ensuring a game’s scalability ranges from $6000 to $20000, depending on the number of players the game is designed to accommodate and its complexity.

Marketing And Promotion:

Marketing and promotion are critical to the success of P2E games. Games need to be sold to the right audience to attract players. Marketing and promotional costs depend on your marketing strategy and target audience. Marketing and promotion costs from $6000 to $50000. It depends on the marketing channels you use and the size of your target group.

Why Go With Auxano Global Services As Your Development Agency?

Auxano Global Services is a leading game development company providing affordable P2E game development solutions to clients worldwide. With a team of experienced developers, designers and project managers, Auxano Global Services is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective game development services that meet each client’s unique needs and requirements.

What sets Auxano Global Services apart is its deep expertise in blockchain technology and smart contract development. This is important to create safe, transparent and rewarding P2E games. In addition, we use the latest tools and technologies to ensure the efficient development and delivery of P2E games.

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By choosing Auxano Global Services, customers can be assured of a smooth game development process tailored to their specific requirements and delivered on budget and schedule. Additionally, our client-centric approach and dedication to quality ensure our customers receive excellent post-development support and service.

Winding It Up

If you are ready for Play-to-Earn game development, it is imperative that you understand the costs involved and work with a reputable and experienced dedicated game developer. Working with the best Custom Play-To-Earn Game Development Companies like Auxano Global Services will give you the expertise and experience you need to develop successful P2E games. The cost of developing P2E games can be high, but the payoff in terms of user adoption and revenue can be significant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is P2E game development?

    P2E (Play-to-Earn) game development refers to developing games that allow players to earn cryptocurrency or other rewards for playing the game.

  • 2. What are programming languages commonly used to develop P2E games?

    P2E games can be developed using various programming languages such as Solidity, C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript.

  • 3. What are the most used blockchain platforms for P2E game development?

    Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (formerly Matic Network) are the most popular blockchain platforms for P2E game development.

  • 4. What expertise does Auxano Global Services have in P2E game development?

    Auxano Global Services has extensive expertise in P2E game development, particularly in blockchain technology and smart contract development. They use cutting-edge tools and technologies to create secure, transparent, and rewarding P2E games that meet each client’s unique needs.

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