Staff Augmentation Solutions

Having the right-sized team is critical to any successful project, and sometimes it’s necessary to add new members who are just right for the job. Let us extend your team with the talented and skilled people you need to complete your project.


Why staff augmentation is
required for your business

Auxano staff augmentation can be used to augment staff in an organization, such as a branch office, regional office, etc. Due to the special needs of the client's operation and business process, we can offer customized staffing solutions to fit these needs, such as flexible hours, remote work location, and flexibility regarding assignments and training needs.

When you hire an expert from us, you can pick from a talented pool of experts as per your project requirements.

An Augmented Staff allows businesses to quickly ramp up or downscale their workforce based on the project's needs.

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Why choose AGS?

With our custom CRM solution, we make sure that your business reaches your desired target and achieves never-before success. We simplify things for you so that you and your team can manage operations easily.


Cutting-edge technology

We are well-versed with latest trends in digital marketing. We know about the latest trends in business strategies to meet your target completely. Our solutions use the most advanced digital marketing strategies and strategies that are best suited for the needs of your business.


Protecting you from harmful data leaks

Ensure that your sensitive data is not leaked or misused through poor security practices because we take this problem seriously and ensure that everything is properly protected against data leaks, notations, device theft, phishing attempts, attacks and attacks on other technical systems like e-mail.


Our team of experts

Depending on the type of your business, we will place the right people on the job. All of us are well-trained and updated with new strategies. They can make sure that your business reaches greater heights by applying the right strategies at the right time.

What value do you get when you hire us


Productive Resource Management

Our team attempts to provide an efficient workforce for your project. We believe in effective resource management to provide on-time completion of projects.


Long-term Relationship

Our clients are valuable to us, and we dedicatedly nurture the partnership to build and maintain long-term bonds.



We closely work on understanding the project needs and expand your team size according to them.


Competitive Pricing

We present you with different pricing models to suit your requirements and are budget-friendly.


Solution Provider

We provide companies with staff solutions that accurately address today's market demands and leave room for future growth.

Let's start your dream project now

Reinforce Your Team the Way You Need

We provide the exact number of qualified professionals you need with the competencies required to streamline your project. We are experienced in cutting edge technologies such as AI, IoT etc.

Available in different models, our staff augmentation service lets you temporarily hire an external workforce for your project, enhancing your company's capacity.


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