Earn While You Learn.

A phenomenal quiz app for game lovers and brand advertisers. Examine your knowledge while earning money and seize out the best deals on various brands.

  • Time7 months
  • Team8 members
  • PlatformWeb/Mobile App
  • IndustryGame
  • TypeQuiz

About the Project

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    The main aim of developing this system is to provide a platform to Players where he/she will be able to play exciting Quiz Game, earn real money, and utilize their token points. For Advertisers, it is an efficient source of advertising their products to grow their business.

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    Target Audience

    This platform is targeted at everyone who wants to test their knowledge while earning money. This platform is meant to have international distribution.


Client Requirements

  • Our client required a quiz app where the user can enjoy the game and where the advertiser can get maximum exposure.

  • Our client needed unique and different pages for all the deals advertisers can display.

  • Availing the advertiser to target its potential audience area-wise.

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Key Featurelist

1. Sign Up/Login

Signup/Login with essential details. Users can log in using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

2. Filter Options

Users can filter the levels among three complexity levels, easy, medium, and complicated, selected by the player.

3. Levels

There are two different levels of this quiz.

4. Notifications

The player will get notified when the player refers to the game when the winner will be declared and pauses the game.

5. Follow Option

Players can follow the fellow players to get their activity notification.

6. Deals

A separate page will be shown on the main home page of deals, where players can appreciate numerous deals.

7. Tokens

Players will get free tokens from time to time, which will be used to minimize the answers to a question or can be used to exceed the timer.

8. Payment

The player will receive the payment through PayPal.

1. Login/Signup

Sign up/Login with essential details. An advertiser has to Sign Up through the web app only.

2. Report Generation

Advertisers can also generate and study their revenue reports to grasp the insights.

3. Post Deals/Offers

An advertiser can directly post its advertisements according to his own choice as per the subscription plans.

4. Customize Advertisements

An Advertiser is free to customize its advertisements according to his preferences.

5. Manage Dashboard

The Advertiser can manage the dashboard settings such as managing ads, generating the report, handling profile, player view of the advertisement, etc.

6. Target Audience

The advertiser can relish targeting the audience according to the area wise by selecting the various stages, i.e., Local, State, and National.



1. Managing Overall Workflow

The primary challenge of this application was to implement business logic according to the client's requirements. The client’s objective was to benefit both the parties players and the advertisers by offering value.

2. Advertisements Logic

The second task was to decide the advertisement logic and the winner's logic. Both are the most prominent aspects, and to maintain the proper flow, our team found the perfect solution by creating a different page for the deals.

3. Winner Declaration

The time factor in answering the questions to win was also a significant hurdle. Each user gets a limited time to answer the question, & on what aspect we should declare the winner if two players have the same points.


Our Solutions

We created a beautiful app that was loved by all. The UX of the app is widely appreciated by the client as well as the users. The client was not sure about the winner's logic, so we figured out how the app will declare the winner according to the various stages the player selects. Apart from this, we have given four criteria to announce winners.

  • Targeted Points
  • Total time duration of game completion
  • How many pauses the player took
  • FIFO (First In First Out) method

Besides this, we created a unique, complex algorithm that assured that the questions users would get would be calibrated to their efficiency and their preference, so you would never get questions too challenging or too easy.

We also solved the issue of if two players get the same points based on the timing they consume while answering questions and how many attempts they have made overall to earn those points.

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