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To sell your products at a great pace and serve your customers most outstandingly, Hire Dedicated App developers from the most experienced team in developing Online Shopping Mobile Applications.

Industries/Types of Models

Working with the top Bespoke Online Shopping App development Company, Auxano Global Services gives a profitable surety to your business. We are here with an adroit team of Online Shopping Mobile App Development, get a Quote for the market sectors mentioned below.

Wholesale/ Retailers

Are you the one selling a lot of mixed products to your customers on their demand, Then what are you waiting for? Give your consumers the comfort and cost-efficiency of online shopping by hiring the top bespoke Online Shopping app development company.

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Clothing Brands

We here, code an amazing app where users can roam around in the digital space and find what they desire. As a Clothing brand, an Online Shopping app can be a business hike for you and leverage your sales.

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Not one of the above-mentioned sections and a fresher into this industry? Then you are at the perfect place where the professionals can help you make your new venture the best endeavour with a spectacular Online Shopping App.

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Features For Your Online Shopping App Development Solutions

User Panel

Search Band and Code Scanner

The users can find their desired products or the whole product line by utilizing this feature. They are given an option to either type it or scan any code provided.

Shopping Basket and Wishlist

Consumers can use this function to easily collect their chosen products into a panel and then pay for them collectively. The wishlist can give them space to have all the products to be bought.

Product and Seller’s description

To create a sense of trust and transparency the customer can know everything essential about the product they are buying and the seller they are dealing with.

Upload Video

Users can upload and share videos on the platform with the community in a few taps.

Order making and tracking delivery

This feature assists the user with easily placing an order through whatever form of payment they choose (Online or COD) and track their order’s delivery progress.

Order History

A complete panel of what and when they have ordered, by whom they dealt with and at what price.

Customer Support

Here the user can report any query and get it solved or answered.

Admin Panel


A panel that brings together the glimpse of the whole online shopping app to a single sight of admin.

User Information

At the time of registering into the app, whatever necessary details are filled up by the user can be accessed by the app controller.

Navigation and maps

This function is for the admin to know where the delivered orders are. The navigation ends when the order is successfully delivered.

Daily Analyses

With this feature, the admin can get all the essential details of the day, purchases, deliveries, reports and new consumers.

App Statistics

Admin can get a clear idea of how the app is functioning.

Manage marketing and advertising

To increase selling, the admin through push notifications or consumer tracking can provide relevant advertisements to different consumers.

Addressing queries and support services

With our online shopping app, it is butter smooth for the admin to manage all the reports timely. This function helps app managers to manage support services in the best way.

Intending to provide your customers with a Spectacular Online Retail Store App

Then bring your intentions into action and hire dedicated app developers from the most experienced top bespoke Online Shopping App development company. Work with the experts of coding and experienced professionals and develop a cutting-edge application.

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How Your Online Shopping Mobile App Will Look When It’s Ready

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Native iOS/Android MySQL

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our company works with industry experts who have an outstanding dexterity in coding an application that is both feature-rich and user friendly. You can undoubtedly provide the best Online Shopping App by working with Auxano Global Services.
The costs depend on your demands but the expected investment needed to be between $30,000 to $1,70,000, can be decided as per your feature requirements.
Contemporary times are a lot about digital space, consumers are also shifting towards online shopping because it is time and cost-saving. An Online Shopping app developed by us can hike up your profits at a great level.
Tentatively it takes around 4 to 5 months to develop a fully functional online shopping app development
In any case, if the online shopping app starts lagging you can immediately contact our professionals and get the issue solved. Also, the consumers will have contact details of the seller, delivery and services won't face any severe issues.
Please feel free to consult our Online shopping app development experts who can give you the most genuine app development information. We will be glad to serve you.
Hiring experts working under a single roof is better than housing some developers. It is even cost-effective and time-saving.
Even after the delivery of the application, we will be in touch with you for any maintenance or update requirements.
Through the app developed by Auxano Global Services, you don’t need to worry about this issue. Our Online Shopping Application has an inbuilt function to convert currency when the user provides the country's name and code.
It is completely normal for the app to face such issues due to various reasons, but the admin will know it as soon as the tracking and navigation lag. The app manager can connect to the delivery man or customers, meanwhile, the issue is being solved by our professional.

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