You’ve most likely come to find out how much bespoke software development costs. Pricing is a critical consideration for anyone planning to develop a digital product. It is, nevertheless, difficult to quantify its cost. A vendor must be familiar with the solution type, target platforms, and a well-defined set of features.

In this article, I’ve attempted to provide you with a complete pricing breakdown for software development services as well as an explanation of the important aspects that influence the final price.

Software Development Costs on Average:

Software Development Costs on Average

Mobile and web applications, in our perspective, are the most popular types of software. Let’s concentrate on them.

By their level of sophistication, web and mobile apps can be categorized into three categories:

  • Apps for the masses (approx. 500-700 hours). They are quick to construct, but their functionality is basic.
  • Applications with a medium level of complexity (approx. 700-1200 hours). This program provides more advanced features.
  • Applications that require a lot of time (1200+ hours). Due to complicated design, security concerns, various integrations, and other factors, developing software at this level takes a long time.

We usually request the following information from our clients:

Idea: For example, suppose you want to make an app similar to Tinder. So you pitch your idea to the company’s technical experts, who create a Tinder-like MVP for you.

List of features. It’s critical to talk about some key features that must be implemented. It’s also helpful to describe each feature (for example, a map with pins, or the ability to determine the user’s location).

Wireframes. Your design vision would be much appreciated by the engineers.

Apps or websites from competitors as examples. Instances allow you to show developers which features you like and dislike.

Many vendors, as well as our organization, assist their clients in gathering the relevant data. So all you have to do is come up with a concept, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Pricing Factors in Software Development:

Pricing Factors in Software Development

The number of platforms, architecture complexity, and animations, for example, can all affect the final cost of software development.

All of these things should be taken into account and double-checked before proceeding.


The platform of choice is the first aspect that can affect bespoke software development costs. There are three major platforms for software development in today’s IT sector, and the software development price quote will vary depending on which platform is used. Do you want an app for Android or iOS? Or perhaps you only require a web application? Various considerations must be made.

Software Project Types:

The type of project is the next aspect that influences the cost of custom software development team. There are a total of four:

  • New software development is the production of a bespoke solution from the ground up with a unique methodology.
  • Software modification and enhancement – here you might incorporate an upgrade of an existing solution.
  • Integration of software – this procedure entails several steps for integrating ready-made software into existing business processes.
  • Web development is the process of creating websites and web applications for commercial purposes.

The scope of the project:

Small- This is a modest project with only minimal changes, such as user interface settings and bug fixes.

Medium- These projects need a little more effort, but they produce real results and are frequently stand-alone solutions or integrations. Simple mobile applications or web interfaces to existing systems fall under the category of medium-sized projects.

Large- Large and sophisticated projects that may require various system integration, a database component, as well as security and reporting capabilities. The development of a multi-platform application, complicated corporate systems, and other large projects are only a few examples.

Enterprise- This is the final and largest project level, with the most stringent standards for safety and reliability. For example, at this stage of the project, you may include the creation of an Uber-like app that operates across all platforms, has a large number of third-party connectors, and has extremely strict security standards for users’ personal data.

Auxano Global Services, how do we estimate the cost of software development?

estimate the cost of software development

Our team has experimented with a range of estimating methods. Finally, we came up with a two-step architecture that is both simple and reliable:

A rough estimate:

This stage can provide you with an estimate of the cost of future software development. It’s only necessary to know a few basic details about your project idea to complete this phase (e.g. I want an app for drivers like Ola). After that, our experts can think about the MVP’s most important features and the time it will take to develop them. Rough estimation usually consists of two numbers: min/max time, with accuracy ranging from 25% to 75%. This stage is quick, taking only one or two business days.

Estimation in great detail:

This stage is also known as the planning phase. Our business analyst communicates directly with a client at this step to gather all project requirements. They can create specifications based on these criteria. The needed time is the only number in a detailed estimation. This process takes longer and might take anything from 2 business days to 2 weeks (assuming you have already prepared the documentation) (if we prepare documents ourselves).

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