The software development market is expanding exponentially. Most companies are experiencing a hike in software development requirements. Meeting sudden demands can be a massive challenge for software development organizations. However, they need to scale up to remain in the competitive industry. Hiring external developers can help you to a large extent.

Do you know? Hiring offshore developers has become a significant trend worldwide. It has numerous benefits, compelling almost all organizations to hire offshore professionals for software projects. Let’s review some interesting statistics and facts about offshore software developers and development.

  • To reduce software development expenses, 59 percent of worldwide corporations utilize offshore programmers.
  • While offshore developer prices differ by nation, you can still save anywhere from 40% to 70% on total costs.
  • In 2021, the worldwide offshore sector is expected to be valued at around $93 billion.
  • 72 percent of businesses would rather outsource software development than hire an in-house team.

So, you have decided to hire offshore software developers for your projects. But, how do you hire offshore software developers? It’s a significant concern. You should be careful when hiring offshore developers. After all, the fate of your project depends on your development team.

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Auxano Global Services is the leading company to hire offshore software developers. We have closely dealt with challenges our clients faced when hiring professionals for their projects. So, here is a comprehensive guide on hiring offshore software developers based on our experiences.

Below are a few practical tips to help you hire the best developers for your team. Let’s dive in and get the top-notch team for you!

Offshore Software Development – What Does It Mean?

Offshore software development is the methodology of developing software for usage in your nation using the services of a team situated in a faraway place. Offshore software development is primarily a type of business process outsourcing in which the service provider is located in a different nation. It can have numerous benefits including cost savings, time efficiency, etc.

Why Should You Hire Offshore Software Developers?

The perks of hiring offshore software developers are infinite. They offer numerous benefits to companies they cannot overlook. Here are some of the leading benefits you can get by hiring offshore software developers for your projects.

Why Should You Hire Offshore Software DevelopersAffordable services:

The main reason why many businesses hire offshore software developers is that their services are cost-effective. Hiring full-time in-house IT specialists can be costly, especially in developed countries and metropolitan areas like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, and Australia. When a company has many projects, the cost can easily quadruple. Since your company is expanding, such a mishap isn’t rare.

The base salary, taxes, incentives, additional benefits, equipment expenses, electricity consumption, insurance coverage, and everyday employee amenities are all included in the employee’s payroll. You can escape from these expenses by hiring an offshore development team.

Better service, lesser bugs:

Instead of working on many projects, the offshore development team has a specialized staff that focuses on a single project. As a result, the service quality improved and there were fewer errors.

How To Build A Software Development Team Without MistakesWorking with a committed team improves the whole development cycle and assures high-quality product outcomes

Access to highly skilled software developers:

As technology is getting advanced with the inception of cloud, blockchain, AI, and IoT, numerous firms are continuously on the lookout for a team of software engineers who can work within their budget and deliver superior quality innovations.

The increased use of sophisticated technology across industries spiked the demand for skilled developers. Hiring an offshore software development team allows you to tap into the expertise of professional software developers.

Exposure to cutting-edge technology on an affordable budget:

Getting access to the latest emerging technology on a budget might be difficult for small enterprises. With today’s fast-paced tech-savvy generations, it’s critical to stay on trend to attract the correct audience.

Hiring an offshore software development team provides the organization with better technology while also allowing it to keep up with new software talents on a budget.

Stay dedicated to your core operations:

Owning a company involves numerous challenges. You have many core operations like customer services and managing internal workflows. So, you cannot overlook these processes by deviating your focus to software development challenges. All you want is to hand over the project to professionals and let the developers do the remaining task.

Constant team supervision can detract from vital company operations while focusing on software development. When business owners choose to hire an offshore development team, they can focus more on their core competencies.

Lowering responsibilities and making room for new possibilities:

A new business launch or expansion plan entails a significant amount of responsibilities. Since your plate is overflowing and you are concerned about not being able to deliver the project on time, you may need to pass on some business possibilities.

When working with an in-house team, they are responsible for everything from website development and maintenance to mobile applications, social media postings, photo and video editing, and much more. The funding will increase as you recruit more members.

You can access offshore software developers to get rid of all problems and grab every opportunity as it comes.

Need to hire offshore dedicated developersTips to Hire the Best Offshore Software Developers

Choosing the best offshore software developers for your project can be challenging. Don’t get disappointed! You can handpick top-notch developers for your team by following the below steps, tips, and tricks. Are you ready? Let’s jump into the section!

Tips to Hire the Best Offshore Software DevelopersDo they have a proven track record?

Check out the developers’ or team’s track record by searching their rankings on sites like Clutch or looking at their website and LinkedIn page to see who they’ve worked with previously. You may also ask their former clients (through testimonials) if they would recommend that developer or team to you.

Conduct Interviews

Don’t rely on what others say; do your checkup! You should not believe what others tell you about an offshore software development team. It’s better to go ahead and check the skills of the software developers by conducting multiple screening tests before hiring them. It will help you choose the top talent without getting deviated by irrelevant professionals having lesser domain knowledge.

Reject the low-cost quotes

Instead of focusing on low bids, you should concentrate on cost-effective rates. If you choose low prices, you may end up paying a large sum of money after the project because you will have to rewrite the poorly written codes or spend your life debugging the errors.

Ensure you have the most recent code

In the worst-case scenario, due to a personal conflict, the developer may refuse to share the code. It is advised that you have access to the code to avoid such a predicament. It should be one of the requirements for any developer or team to work on your project. You must also be the administrator of all accounts, including clouds, project management tools, TFS, Github, and other platforms.

Request the outsourcing firm’s workflow

It is critical to request that the company’s workflow is outsourced. You can learn how they connect with their clients and how they allocate resources to projects. You can also inquire about their flexibility, such as whether or not they can raise the number of resources while the project is ongoing. The company’s workflow will not meet your requirements in many instances. As a result, finding out before recruiting the staff is critical.

Find a good project management tool

You can’t only rely on exchanging long emails anymore. Trello, Jira, Slack, and other advanced and modern project management, communication, and tracking applications are required. These features allow you to keep track of your team’s tasks and progress, stepwise communications, post comments, moderate discussions, and much more.

Avoid fixed-price payment schemes

You should avoid the fixed-price payment model since it only contains a little amount of risk coverage. You should use the time and materials model instead of a fixed price payment because it gives you more freedom with your project.

You’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Furthermore, you won’t have to bargain for every minor modification. Some offshore enterprises that operate on a fixed-price basis charge extra for uncertainty. Because, as we all know, startups are full of unknowns, the set price model is a poor fit for any firm.

Determine whether your team agrees or disagrees with all of your suggestions

It’s a red sign if the developers or a team of developers claims that they can practically satisfy all of your needs. Any organization that makes such promises hasn’t thoroughly examined your requirements to see whether or not they have the necessary resources and skill set.

Offshore Software Development Companies all specialize in different skill sets. As a result, none of them can perform everything without making some changes.

Stay proactive

Being proactive is critical for a business entrepreneur, especially when working with an offshore development team. You can aim to be ahead of schedule for the next day’s task; this works well when your team is busy and you are sleeping. This will assure you that everything is proceeding as planned.

Ask for frequent integration

Request that your developers show the MVP demo at the end of each sprint, which is usually daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. Besides, you can ask for continuous integration for a seamless process.

Say ‘Yes’  to Cultural Compatibility

Cultural compatibility is an essential aspect you should seek when hiring offshore software developers. They should bear the same mindset as your company and fit into your organization like jigsaw pieces. It will help you develop better projects aligned with your goals and customer expectations. Besides, it’s a mandatory pillar to foster long-term relationships with the developers.

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

Auxano Global Services is your go-to destination to hire the best offshore software developers. We have delivered top-notch talents to numerous companies worldwide and developed projects they will remember forever. Here are some of the attributes we have to help you.

Our developers have the right knowledge about software development. They use the best tools and technologies to execute your unique ideas in a short span.

Need to develop software for your businessWe have offshore software developers who listen to your requirements. They can develop products depending on your demands without attaching permanent strings to your company.

We offer several engagement models to help you hire the best offshore software developers according to your convenience.

We keep our workforce updated with advanced industry trends and patterns to give your projects a significant edge in the industry.

Wrapping Up!

Offshore software development can help you meet increased demands without spending much. The on-demand developers will extend your team and get things up and running while complying with your objectives and regulations in a short span.

Now that you know the tips to hire offshore software developers, it’s high time to contact top teams like Auxano Global Services and scale up your organization. Get in touch with us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is offshore software development?

    Offshore development refers to the process of producing software with a faraway team. It helps save costs, and efforts, and helps you deliver all projects in a short span with lesser bugs and higher service quality.

  • 2. What are the benefits of offshore software development?

    Offshore software development has numerous benefits like cost savings, access to specialized people, getting better technologies, multiple engagement modes, and on-demand collaboration at competitive price points.

  • 3. Why should I choose offshore software development?

    You can go with offshore software development if you want to get better services, timely delivery, and team extension without paying more. It will help you develop software by leveraging the latest tech stacks at competitive price points.

  • 4. What are some tips to hire the best offshore software developers?

    Conduct interviews, check their track record, verify their cultural compatibility, and choose the best engagement model to hire the best offshore software developers for your projects.

  • 5. Can I hire offshore software developers from Auxano Global Services?

    Yes, Auxano Global Services lets you hire offshore software developers. Having years of experience in the industry, we understand the benefits and merits of hiring offshore developers for your projects. Our team can understand your specific requirements and provide top-notch talents to manage your workload without hassles. Besides, we have a competitive price point that makes offshore professional hiring reliable and comfortable for you.

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