Do you know the main reason why people are using an on-demand app for their laundry? It’s because of the increasing number of people working and living in busy households. The busy lifestyle and disposable income are allowing people to shift to apps for their regular needs and daily chores and doing laundry are one of them. According to Grand View Research, the market size of global dry-cleaning & laundry services was valued at 60.88 US$ billion in 2019 and is projected to grow 3.4% annually from 2020-2027.

Top mobile app development companies in UK have started to understand the potential of this market and are going forward with big plans to create on-demand laundry apps. With the onset of the pandemic, people’s perspective has changed on so many things including how people do laundry, it has become very dangerous.

This is why the demand for on-demand laundry services has gained momentum. The basic concept is to merge the two activities that go hand in hand that are laundry and dry cleaning services. There is a race going on to provide these end to end services at your doorstep ensuring the presence of the apps on all of the platforms namely AppleOS, Android and Windows.

Are online laundry services beneficial?

These apps are convenient and safe: The goal of these apps is to be user-oriented. If the user enjoys the application, the developers get rewarded. An online laundry service can help people get their laundry done without wasting time. It ensures safety and hygiene as it uses low touch systems which mitigates the chances of getting in contact with the virus.

They tie up with local laundries and generate revenue: These apps gives local laundries a chance to get discovered and tap into an unexplored customer base. This in turn generates cash flow and revenue-boosting the local economy.

Efficient management: Initially, the laundry app goes through extensive stages of research and development. Therefore, the outcome is the end-to-end precise integrated service platform which is quick in the process of picking up the laundry, washing them and then delivering it back to the home. There is very little room for mistakes and at the same time there is backspace there are lot of services which can be availed just in future few touch.

What is the business model of on-demand laundry apps online laundry apps?

business model of on-demand laundry apps online laundry apps

Laundry apps are created after rigorous stages of research and development. There is exhaustive market research as the foundation for any app to be built and the same is the case with online laundry apps.

At this point, the only players who are creating laundry apps are small tech startups. Hence, they source the money from potential investors and venture capitalists to bring the idea to reality. These apps usually follow a less ownership model where not a single person is in charge of the operation of the app. But there is a consortium of people who works as a perpetual machine for the working of the app, smoothly.

As we come to talk about the operational model of the app, they generally follow the aggregator type model. In this model, a particular laundry app enlists several local laundry outlets and brings them on one platform for the user to be discovered. This way the app does not have to own anything. This model creates a win-win situation for the app developers, laundry outlets, and customers. The local laundry outlets get to tap into an untapped pool of customers and at the same time, customers can discover and choose laundry outlets to which they have never visited before and think is best suited for them.

How an on-demand laundry app is created?

Let us have a birds-eye view of the steps that lead to the completion of the on-demand laundry app before getting into details and digging out specifics. First of all, you need to do extensive project planning and then assign a budget to it.

Once that is done, you have to understand the scale at which the app is going to operate and then assign the limit to the scope of the project. Then comes a crucial part which is developing the app. Post this tedious task is complete, the next step comes is the deployment of the app on the various operating platforms. These are the checkpoints of the assembly line, any app goes through whilst in the process of its genesis. At last, comes the housekeeping and maintenance of the app throughout its operation.

Now let us study every step in detail:-

On Demand Laundry Mobile App

Project plan: This step is the foundation of any mobile app development process. Before getting to the execution part one needs to answer some questions that will define the operational strategy of your app. What is your aim for developing the app? What are the key features of your app? How is your app going to be different from the pre-existing on-demand laundry apps? What is going to be the key services and amenities you will be provided through the app?

Budgeting: Once you have answered all the questions above, you will have a fair understanding of what kind of app you want to build. Accordingly, it will help you assign a budget for the project. If the services that you are going to provide through the app are less complicated to develop then the budget will be less. If you are planning on providing extra stacks of services then the nature of your budget is going to be hefty.

Scope of the project: Once you have planned your project and assigned the budget, you will have to allocate the budget to the different sections of developing the app. For example, you need to identify the key features of your app, then you will naturally have to feed more resources and money into making that feature stand out.

Developing the app: This is the most crucial part of the process. This is where the team’s true litmus test lies. You have to ensure that the mobile app developing team applies best practices to design the app’s user interface. This is crucial for the smooth functioning of your application in the longer run.

Deployment of the app: To ensure that your application is accessible to a wider base of users, you have to make sure that your app is compatible and deployed to the major operating systems which are iOS, Android, and Microsoft.

What are the key features of an online laundry service application?

key features of an online laundry service application

You need to understand that any application needs to provide a holistic experience to the user to gain a wider reach and frequent usability. Now, that is also the case with online laundry service applications.

There should be three interfaces for the app. The first one is through which customers access different laundry services listed on the app, the second one is for the laundry services to receive the orders and last but not the least, for the delivery partner which delivers the laundry items from one end to another.

Let us look at the must-have features for the laundry service applications:

For the customer:

Search: A customer should be able to find well-suited laundry service. For that, a search option becomes crucial in helping the user to do so.

Filter: The online laundry apps generally have hundreds of laundry services listed. In such situations, a filter becomes necessary to streamline the search results so that finding a well-suited laundry service becomes hassle-free for the user. Now, in the filters, there should be some must-have factors to sort the search based on pricing, distance, rating, time of the delivery, et. Cetera.

Track status: One of the key features of online laundry apps is that the user can check the live status of its laundry, whether it is in the process of being washed or if it has been dispatched to be delivered to the user. In this case, the option of track status becomes imperative.

Help: You have to ensure that the customer is accessible to all the services without any hassle and delay. However, in some cases, there can be a possibility of delay and glitch of a certain type. In such a situation, a section for help becomes crucial so that the customer can raise his/her grievances through the help section and get them addressed easily.

For the Laundry service:

My orders: It is the basic feature that a laundry service needs so that it can see all the details of the orders that it is receiving. It should be able to tell the service details, status, and payment of the particular order.

Payment section: The laundry service needs to know and manage payments it is receiving from the customers.

For the delivery partner:

My orders: The delivery partner needs to see all the orders that he has been assigned and needs to complete in the given time with the given directions.

Track route: An online laundry service app should be able to map the route for the delivery partner from the customer to the laundry outlet for smooth transport between the two ends.

Payment management: For all the orders the delivery partner completes, there needs to be a section dedicated in the app itself to manage the earnings.

How much will it cost you to develop and maintain an online laundry app?

cost you to develop and maintain an online laundry app

A rough cost to develop an on-demand laundry app is around 11,500 pounds. The mobile development app provides quotations based on the scope of the project and the time in terms of hours it will take to develop the app. Additional costs will surmount if the maintenance of the app is also required for a particular period.

Amid the pandemic, online applications have garnered a significant place and the lives of the users to complete any task. Developing online laundry service apps have huge business potential for scalability and bringing revenue. Yet, it is a very extraneous process to create and manage an app.

To accomplish this task, one needs to understand the importance of the hire remote developers team. The team should be highly experienced, well-managed, and thorough while developing the app. We at Auxano Global Services boasts to be the top-rated mobile application development company, providing end-to-end mobile application development solutions and services across multiple domains and verticals at the international level employing cutting-edge technologies to render Customized Mobile App Solutions that serve clients generating a profitable return on investment.

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