Software development is a competitive field with many demands, market players, and developers. Between this massive amount of competition, businesses find it challenging to highlight their app, and even consumers have a tough time finding their desired applications.

A Progressive web app comes here as a solution, a website resembling an application for smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. Compared to Progressive web apps, traditional apps are costly and time-consuming, whereas creating a better user experience is a complicated process. It solves these issues and provides optimal business opportunities with a better user experience and User Interface.

Let’s discuss in detail Progressive Web Apps and its fundamentals.


Before getting further with the discussion on progressive web apps, let’s get to know its market analysis and statistics.

What is the meaning of Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps function on a device through a browser’s API. These web applications have all the benefits of an app. It has all the features of a native app and functions similarly. Including offline operation, access to smartphone’s in-built features, and understanding of the consumer group.

It looks like a regular website that acts as an application for a user. PWA can handle a much greater number of users than a traditional website. Provably it works better than a website and has more efficient functionality than a conventional app. Also, there is a gap between websites and applications. In addition, progressive web apps blend the most valuable functionalities of sites and apps, letting the users, developers, and businesses have the most out of the platform.

The web application makes the platform quicker, more reliable, efficient, and more engaging. Progressive web apps save time and effort for both application makers and application users. In addition, PWA development companies can employ the latest technology and deliver a great web experience.

Types of Apps can be used as Progressive Web Apps

Any app can be configured into a progressive web app, but some of them work in the best way. So here we bring four types of apps and platforms that can function the best and make the business profitable.

Types of Apps can be used as Progressive Web Apps.Apps rarely used but useful

Sometimes apps like service apps such as Uber, Zomato, or any other app for a specific type of service that is not regularly used. These apps are not used daily like social media applications but are an essential part of users’ life.

Progressive web apps prove to be less energy-consuming and more profitable. For example, the data usage of Progressive web apps is 300 times lesser than the native application. Therefore, users would like to get a ready app that doesn’t take up much space on their device and consumes less time and effort.

Platforms for developing areas

We have seen that Progressive web apps consume less data and can even function offline; they are ideal for remote or underdeveloped areas. As a result, places with lesser available internet can have access to these platforms.

People living in remote areas of the UK are required to download the app. They can go to a browser, search for it and use it easily. Some of the features of these web apps can even be accessed without the internet. Thus, any user can use the app, and the business can expand its limits on the consumer group.

E-Commerce apps

Like cab-generating apps, e-commerce apps are also rarely used as people directly search the products on google and go with top websites. No doubt, E-commerce apps have good business, but the profitability increases with the implementation of the progressive web application.

Developing a Progressive web app for E-Commerce will help in having higher conversion rates with several browsers available, more active users, and better engagement. Big companies like Ali baba group have gained millions of pounds with a tiny investment.

Platforms as marketplaces

Discussing further the business of e-commerce, a platform for the marketplace requires a precise observation of sellers and buyers. Therefore, it is essential to increase the metrics that impact both.

Progressive Web apps help get regular app analytics and usage rates with a clear insight into consumer choices.

These four types of apps can be highly beneficial if transformed into a progressive web application. For example, many other kinds of apps also have advanced web app platforms. So let’s look at the top 15 companies with progressive web apps to understand the list.

Top 15 Companies which employed Progressive Web Apps

Because of the rich functionality of the progressive web apps, many famous and scalable companies have utilized advanced web application development. Here are 15 companies with progressive web apps you have undoubtedly heard of and used.

Top 15 Companies which employed Progressive Web Apps
  • Pinterest
  • Forbes
  • MakeMyTrip
  • Tinder
  • Flipkart
  • Uber
  • Spotify
  • Walmart
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Airbnb
  • Trivago
  • Sound slice

Benefits of employing Progressive Web Apps Development

As we have seen the types of apps progressive web apps and famous companies using progressive web apps, now let’s understand the reasons for it. First, you must be wondering why these giant market players have employees in advanced web app development. The reasons lie in its benefits and functionality.

Benefits of employing Progressive Web Apps Development.Here are seven benefits of employing progressive web app development.

Quickness and Efficiency

Users avoid any loading or buffering time. However, if the site cannot open within 3 to 4 seconds, then the user will lose interest and probably won’t ever try to open that website. Instead, progressive web apps solve this issue by being quick and efficient.

Compared to web platforms, native apps are faster. As a result, developers bring this function of traditional apps into progressive web apps and give the user similar impressive performance on the web.


Progressive web apps are quick to open, easy to use, and use lesser data and space. Web apps are like typical native applications with similar directions and buttons. Adding to it, a PWA has better navigation where pages can be switched easily.

It also works with slow or in the absence of the internet. Taking up even less than 1 MB of the device’s memory, Progressive web apps are beneficial for users.

Level of Safety and Security

These web apps use the secure protocol of HTTPS. Sometimes developers might skip the coding of HTTPS in websites, but with progressive web apps implementing the protocol of HTTPS is mandatory. Thus it will be completely secured.

One development and many platforms

When someone develops a native app, it is often for android, windows, or apple. If they choose the cross-platform app, it is not as beneficial as a native app. Then comes a website, but a site is not yet good as an application.

Here comes, Progressive web apps as a solution. The PWA can be used with any platform, with any device, and still, be compatible. The web apps are usable with Windows, Apple, Android, and Chrome.

Simple, Straight, and Perfect

A progressive web app involves no complicated processes and it can be easily installed. The user can switch the tabs without any complexity. The web apps can be used offline or in poor network conditions.

Make use of built-in device features just like a native application.

More Options for Personalization

Creating an advantageous position in the market is essential in this immense competition. Developers can customize the apps according to the business requirements. However, the development is simple and can be easily customized.

An app that resembles the business ideas and differs from the market increases brand loyalty.

High Scalability in Business

With all these benefits, Progressive web apps are profitable for the business. Adding to it, PWA has more options to analyze the users. In addition, it gives the company an insight into which they can plan other policies.

How to Develop a Progressive Web Application?

There are Steps to develop a PWA from Scratch.

How to Develop a Progressive Web Application


Before starting with the development, do research that involves market research, consumer research, and possible competitors. Thorough research can help you in navigating different development processes.

Business Objectives

Clearly understand what you expect from the Progressive web application. After the research, the objectives will give you a clear idea of how to set the route of the development journey.

Designing and Style Developing

According to the research and hypothesis, create an architecture of the web application. Craft the interface of the application that is effective for the consumer group. Get done with layouts, logos, banners, and other graphics.


After designing and styling, you can start programming with complete front-end development, workbench framework, and back-end development.

Front-end development can be coded with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Then the professional can work with JavaScript frameworks. The back-end development can be programmed with any suitable language for the developer.


After the progressive web application is entirely developed before finalizing the launch, it is essential to test its performance. While testing, you have to check the quality of the Progressive web application and find the possible errors.


After the testing and verification process, the progressive web application is ready to be launched. Start migrating to permanent hosting, then connecting the domain and finalizing the configuration.

Several tools can be sued for progressive web app development. Here is the list of those tools

  • Using React
  • Starting the project with Polymer Template
  • Employing the webpack as a module bundler
  • Using JavaScript for MVVM (Model-View-View Model)
  • Testing the programming with the performance monitoring tool, Lighthouse.

These are the basic concepts for developing a progressive web application. For more expertise and guidance on the steps and strategy of developing PWA, you can Contact Auxano Global Services.

Why Auxano Global Services for Progressive Web Apps?

Auxano Global Services is the top progressive web application development agency with complete development from research to marketing. Our clients get a wide range of services with well-rounded technologies for realizing your business objectives.

We start with thorough research about the company, existing system, consumer group, and competitors. We craft a strategy by observing the results of the study done. This strategy helps in planning the designing, development, and testing. Accordingly, we start the programming process and then test the developed project. Our services are till maintenance.

The professionals here are dedicated and pose quality technical skillsets equipped with fine dexterity in their specialization. The experts here are hired from thin filters of intelligence, technical caliber, the skillset of their niche, and a round of required soft skills.


Progressive web apps are a recent technical advancement in the web and mobile app industry. The trend was started by a Google Engineer in 2015, which referred to a progressive design approach that behaves and functions as native apps but is launched on the web.

Contemporary organizations must face immense competition and respond to the constantly changing market environment. They must continually chase innovation, improve user experience, update the systems and cater to the user’s demands.

For this type of environment, progressive web apps are promising and can change the way users interact with web platforms. But, as we have seen, the technology is new and still has geared up a significant amount of popularity. So it is an excellent time to embed this technology in your business system.

Auxano Global Services is one of the best agencies for progressive web apps. We have been working on developing platforms for web and native app development for more than a decade. We have extensive experience in dealing with every stage of development. A part of our team works explicitly for progressive web app development. The professionals in this team know the latest technology and are regularly updated with recent technological advancements.

If you want a cutting-edge technical solution for this latest technology of progressive web apps, contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Do Progressive web apps have a scalable future?

    Progressive Web apps are a recent technological advancement that has geared up great popularity in significantly less time. Adding to it, many big market players have invested in PWAs and are getting excellent results. Observing the current scenario, PWAs have a promising future, which benefits the business.

  • 2. As a Start-up, should one invest in Progressive web development?

    Yes, it depends on the business objectives, but compared to native apps and sites, PWAs have lesser development time and more output. By analyzing the business objectives, you can decide whether it is a good choice.

  • 3. What is the charge of developing Progressive web apps in the UK?

    Generally, the charge of developing a web application is $50 – 99/ hour, but the cost of progressive web app development depends on the project requirements.

  • 4. How can I know more?

    If you can to know more, contact our consultants. They are well equipped with knowledge regarding hiring remote software developers and can also help you with some suitable candidates for your company.

  • 5. Which is the best agency for Progressive web apps?

    Auxano Global Services is the top progressive web app development company. For the new technology, we have experts with a good skillset in its tools and technical requirement. We have a success ratio, thanks to our dedicated team of professionals.

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