Way To Develop A Robust Restaurant App

Think of developing a perfect restaurant app and hiring dedicated app developers from Auxano Global Services. We here assist our clients to have an outstanding restaurant app.


Industries/Types of Models

With cutting-edge technology and at par innovation, we develop restaurant apps profoundly. As a Top Bespoke App Restaurant App development company, our team curates an application that suits your needs. Restaurant apps are immensely useful for the below-mentioned industries.

Restaurant Model


A fresher in this competition? Keep all your worries aside and work on your initial projects with us. Our team is trained in coding an app that can help the client to mark a position in the market and ignite a proper value proposition.

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Restaurant Model

Restaurant Chains/ single owners

Create a space for your consumers to have an easier way of ordering food. With our feature-rich restaurant applications, you can connect to your buyers in the most convenient way.

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Restaurant Model

Delivery Companies

As a top bespoke Restaurant app development company we provide an exceptional app to leverage your business. We make it easier for mediators like delivery companies to handle orders and consumers.

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Features For Your Restaurant App Development Solutions

User Panel


Search Panel

It is easy for the user to find their favourite food listed down from a single or a various number of restaurants available in the app.

Menu Card

Users can have din-in ease of finding food they want to it. An intelligently designed app with a simple menu card will help the consumer to order food.

Ingredient’s customization

Just as a waiter note down an order, the app will easily transmit the changes a consumer wants to make in a dish.

Order making

After selecting a dish and completing it with all modifications, the consumer can place an order by giving address and contact details through this feature.

Delivery Navigation

To build a sense of transparency and trust, this function will help the order placer to track the driver and progress of the dish ordered.

Paying Options

Including online payment, credit/debit card use and even COD, the customer can choose whatever way he prefers to pay for an order.

Support Service

This function creates a space for users to report or ask any popped-up query during the use of the app and ask for support service.

Admin Panel



This space brings together all the sections of the app together into a single frame through which the app mediator can easily manage the whole app.

Order acceptance/ management

Many order and order makers? No worries, this feature assists the admin in smoothly managing all the orders placed without much chaos.

Driver tracking

With consumers having an option to track an order's progress, the admin also has access to all drivers delivering on a map.

Push Notifications

Automated messages are sent to all the devices using this app. By utilizing this feature in the best way, the admin can increase the app engagement.

Accounts and reports

Regularly this feature will get updated with mostly every order placed and delivered, attached with all the revenues collected.

Statistics/ Analytics

To know every corner of an app, this feature will help the admin to get to know everything about the technicality and functioning of the app.

Feedback/ Report management

With a list of reports or support services asked, this feature helps the admin to stay connected with all the consumers.

Seeking a Robust and Reliable Restaurant Mobile App?

Have faith and hire a dedicated app developer with years of experience and a way with expertise. Our professionals will deliver your ideal restaurant app. Stop the search and work with Auxano Global Services for an outstanding Restaurant app.

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How Your Online Restaurant Mobile App Will Look When It’s Ready

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Technology Stack







Native iOS/Android MySQL

Native iOS/Android









Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your requirements, developing a basic app with simple features of the delivery system will cost you $2000 to $8000. If you wish to develop a functionally rich multilingual app, then it will cost you somewhat around $30,000.
A restaurant app connects food providers with order makers in the most convenient way possible.
Consider a tentative period of 36 weeks to develop a complete functionally restaurant app.
Undoubtedly, as a top bespoke app development company, we make sure what our clients want and serve accordingly with all the modifications.
In any case, if the social media app starts lagging you can immediately contact our professionals and get the issue solved. We will be always happy to serve.
Among the competitors in the market, we have proved ourselves to be a promising app development service provider. Our team consists of professionals with a great skill set of developing
In any case, if the app faces any fall-backs our experts will be ready with a quick repair to the app.
Yes, we can make an amazing multilingual app that can inherit 5 languages.
During this digital era, many people have started using digital space more because of its time-saving and cost-effective nature. The ease of ordering through a restaurant app will make consumers choose it.
With years of experience, our experts also update their knowledge and skills to the latest market requirements, you will get a trending feature set in-app.

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