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We as a Top Bespoke Social Media app Development Company are experts in creating an engaging social media platform for people to Interact, Express and Connect. Work with Auxano Global Services.

Industries/Types of Models

Hire Dedicated App Developers to bring alive the freshness of connecting with desirable people online, exploring the unseen world and pushing the boundaries of reality. Work with the finest team of experts and build a literal sociable app for the sectors mentioned below.

Mobile Phone Companies

We here develop apps that can reflect your company's prestige in the social media apps you offer to your customers. Hire dedicated app developers from Auxano global Services and secure the innovative social media app development.

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Digital Media Enterprises

Experience a fresh and creative social media app for your users by working with our adroit developers in house. Herewith expertise, we provide an application that can be beneficial for our clients.

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New Venture

Are you looking for a team of developers who can leverage your social media app start-up into a profit-making business? Then engage with our professionals and ignite up your start into a new field with exceptional enthusiasm

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Features For Your Social Media App Development Solutions

User Panel

Profile Build Up

Users can use their creativity to express who they are in person. This feature helps profile makers to tell what they want others to know about them.

Feed Update and Sharing

To interact and socialize with others, users through this feature can upload photos, videos and status. Also, they can watch what their friends are posting.

Live Streaming

This function enables the user to record and broadcast in real-time to their friends. Others watching live can comment the like for the live stream.

Private Texting and Calling

People can interact personally with others through this platform, which assures complete privacy. This space is limited to the people using it, no other party can view it.

Search Option

Letting the people seek and get others who can vibe with them.

Report Abuse and Spam

Users can quickly without any hesitation and complexity report whatever they felt incorrect while using the social media app. Name and details of complainer won’t be disclosed

Privacy and Security Settings

Users easily can manage the level and type of engagement they want to have with others.

Admin Panel

Access to view Profiles

Whoever signs up to the social media app gives access only to admin to all their provided information and profiles they make, even if private.

Push Notifications

This function enables the admin to deliver automated notifications and engage users.

Address Reports and Queries

The app manager will be able to view all reports filed by users and solve them easily.

Daily Analyses

Here, the admin can get a regular update daily synopsis of profiles made, abuses and spam reported and other necessary details.

App Statistics

We understand that the admin needs to know now and then that app is functioning well without any problem.

Manage marketing and advertising

Brands invest a lot in social media advertising, the app manager can also supervise and control the time and level of advertisements shown to users.

Daily Analyses

A clear section helps the admin to gauge over the whole application.

Wish to have a creatively developed Social Media Mobile App?

Fulfil the wish of the most premier app development by hiring the Top Bespoke Social Media App Development Company. Auxano Global Services assures its clients of a supreme social media app that lets people connect with others in the most creative way.

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How Your Social Media Mobile App Will Look When It’s Ready

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Native iOS/Android









Frequently Asked Questions

Auxano Global Services has the best group of experts from the app developing field, professionals with magnificent dexterity in coding a creative and innovative social media application. We here secure the possibility of an outstanding app.

The cost of developing a social media app depends a lot on the type and level of features and functions one wants to be included. Typically to develop a fully functional app, you need to invest around $35,000
Developing a feature-rich social media app from scratch can be a lengthy process. You may consider it to be a 6 to 7 months period.
Well, people have different choices but hiring a specialized firm with experts working there can be both cost-effective and with increased efficiency.
In any case, if the social media app starts lagging you can immediately contact our professionals and get the issue solved. We will be always happy to serve.
We provide completely updated apps that are aligned with the latest security guidelines and techniques.
Social media apps developed by us are feature-rich aligned with easy-to-use panels and functions. We try our best to make apps as simple as possible.
Our professionals will be happy to be consulted by you and will readily solve all your queries and question regarding social media app development.
For making an app successful many measures matter but the most significant is a good, functionally rich and user-friendly app. We assure you with a supreme social media app.
We at Auxano Global Services never end the relationship with the client after delivery, we will always be open to any changes, maintenance and support services required.

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