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Industries/Types of Models

Bring to your customers' devices a magnificent app that can be fruitful, engaging and easy to use. Hire Dedicated app developers who are passionate about coding and developing a Premium On-Demand Texting and Calling Mobile App for the sectors mentioned below.

Texting model

Sim card/ Mobile Developing Companies

With the advent of quick communication through networking and internet services, people are increasingly becoming more reliant on it. Are you one of the sim cards/ mobile developing companies? Then you are in right place.

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Texting model

Digital Media Companies

Wish to give your customers the best Texting and Calling app? Then work with the experts of this industry and develop a feature-rich and consumer-friendly app for all of your users and hike your subscriptions.

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Texting model

Firms or Institutions

Do you wish to engage employees or students of your firm or institutions through an outstanding Texting and Calling app? Develop that cutting-edge app with our passionate professionals, who can help you create a winsome space for your working members.

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Features For Your Texting and Calling App Development Solutions

User Panel


Add contacts/ Invite Friends

To help the owner get more users and users get people to interact with, this feature will enable the customer to add their desired connections for texting and calling.

Search Option

A user must be able to find contacts from a long list of added people through a searching tab.

Chatting Windows

People can text each other here either personally or in groups and also attach documents and photos.

Calling Options

With the Chatting window, the user will also get a function by which they can interact with other people be it in a group or personal space by calling.

History of interactions

This feature will help users to have a chronological view of the people they interacted with.

Report Abuse and customer Service

Any kind of negative experience during the use of the app, the person can report admin about it.

Premium Account Option

Users can subscribe to more premium services here. Emptor will get more features and functions according to their plan.

Admin Panel



Admin can keep a check on the app and all the panels in a single place without any chaos.

List of all the profiles

At a click or by searching the admin can find and look for all the user’s profiles. It also enables the controller to have a watch on subscriptions.

Reply to user’s query

Any queries or reports by any user will be directed towards the admin through this panel. The manager can see the messages and solve or reply to them.

Technicalities of app

The controller can have a watch on working and functioning of the app whenever wanted.

Daily Reports

List and summary of new sign-ups, subscriptions with answered and unanswered queries will be shown to the admin at the end of the day.

Push Notifications

To increase the engagement of all the users, the manager of the app will be able to create and control automated messages from the app.

Handle Advertisements

For the unsubscribed users, the admin can manage timed advertisements to their devices.

Seeking a Fluent Bespoke Texting and Calling App Development?

You are at a perfect place where professionals are focused on coding and developing easiest to use and best to be served applications. Our team can secure a good number of users and give fruitful results by creating a supreme app.

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How Your On-Demand Texting and Calling Mobile App Will Look When It’s Ready

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texting calling
texting calling
texting calling
texting calling
texting calling
texting calling
texting calling
texting calling
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Technology Stack







Native iOS/Android MySQL

Native iOS/Android









Frequently Asked Questions

The need for real-time communication among humans has been increasing day by day after the advent of network and internet services. Providing a space where they can interact freely, will undoubtedly benefit your company in several ways.

To code and develop a fully functional texting and calling app from scratch may take around 4 to 5 months. Yet it can vary according to requirements.
Our company is a top Bespoke Texting and Calling app development company, we assure you with a secured and safe to use application.
Well, the margins of charges can depend a lot on what the client demands, however, the cost starts with $15,000 for a basic app.
A team of accomplished and competent professionals can secure the possibility of a successful app among other competitors. Hence, Auxano Global Services is a reliable choice.
Our experts are profound in developing a Texting and Calling app which is utterly user-friendly and also functionally rich, which can make people use it.
Auxano Global Services are always happy to have their clients back with updates and changes they wish, we will always be happy to serve you.
Sometimes due to certain issues, the app might face glitches but the chances are minimal and if at all it happens our team will solve it as soon as possible
Connect with our app developers who will readily answer all your questions and you can always ping us through the mail.
Subscription payment will be online so if the emptor chooses to pay in another currency, they can choose the country and currency will be converted. No issues.

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