What is the most popular kind of marketing investment for the contemporary market? Most people will answer Digital Marketing and it is. Narrowing digital marketing down, websites are one of the most essential platforms for digital media.

Website development is not a very costly alternative to traditional media. They even can develop without any expert’s guidance through several websites developing portals. However, hiring a website developer, who is adept at developing and designing skills can take the results of a website to another level.

So, you might be wondering what is the cost of developing a website? Get guidance for the current budget template and insight into professionals and the website development industry.


Before we dive into the informative guide for Website development cost, let’s have a look at the Industry level of websites, audience attention on it, and how businesses are complying with the popular demand. Here are some points for Statistics of Website development and viewer rate.

  • If you want to have more consumers or users for your business, then consider the website as the quickest and most reliable way. 88% of the consumers are tending to call or go for a business within 24 hours of searching for it on a search engine.
  • You also don’t need to worry about the conversion rate, 64% of the visitors on a company’s homepage want to see the contact information for the company.
  • Adding to it, as soon as 52% of the visitors get on the company’s home page, they are likely to go to the ‘about us’ information.
  • With an up-to-date website’s products and services page and reader-friendly informational content, you can have more consumers through a good Call to Action. As  47% of the website visitors look for the company’s products and services page before looking at any other section.
  • The aesthetics of a website are equally important, 57% of internet users suggest they won’t recommend a business that does not have a well-defined website for mobile.
  • Nearly half of the mobile users search for a local business through local search or map. It is important to get on people’s mobile screens.

What is website Development and how does it work?

Website development is to build, create and maintain a website for a particular objective. The process is enacted through web designing, publishing, programming, and managing databases. Simply, it creates an application that is meant to work on the internet, i.e., websites.

For this process, professionals in web developing and designing are fundamentally necessary. These professionals program the code that guides a website’s functioning. They create user-friendly websites, hence navigate users to utilize them.

Types of Website Development

Types of Website DevelopmentFor getting a hold on the average cost of Website development, it is essential to understand the three main types of web development and their related technologies. This will help you in understanding the options you can choose for web development.

 Front-End Development

Better known as client-side web development, it is a procedure of designing the user interface with front-end technologies. These technologies include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The objective of the front-end development is to allow website visitors to read the content on the web easily. Web developers need to write clean and efficient code to accomplish this objective.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the most commonly used languages. HTML is used by designers to build a structure and layout of a website that has highly interactive pages. Adding to it, most static pages are designed through this language.

CSS helps you develop a webpage using HTML code and is widely used by designers to style and enhance a website layout and presentation. Further, to make a website interactive through JavaScript and increase user engagement.

Back-End Web development

As the front-end development is for clients the back-end development is for server-side web development. Through Back-end development, the professionals write code and build the logical parts of the entire website.

The primary focus is on back-end logic, database, servers, and APIs. For a web project, the logical part is determined by the backend. The consumers might not be able to see the back-end functioning. Back-end development is the crucial part of developing a website.

Languages used for Back-end development are PHP, Java, SQL, Python, .Net, and Angular. PHP is widely known for managing dynamic content, tracking sessions, and organizing databases. With a large amount of data, SQL can help you out. It is the query language that helps you collect large data from databases and utilizes it for the target audience.

Among all these professionals, Python is easier to learn and code, it can be used to create a framework that is used by a website. Angular is a script-based, open-source website development framework.

Full-Stack Development

Bring together both types of development together, i.e., aligning front-end and back-end development. The developer here should know about web design, development, database, and website debugging.

The objective of this development is to develop client and server-side web applications with database management space. Full-stack development includes redesigning, building, and speeding up an entire website design and development phase.

Adding to this, the full-stack web development also adds web development trends like blockchain, deep learning, and multi-cloud. This makes the project more customized and capable to comply with contemporary market demands.

Technologies that full-stack web development incurs for front-end development are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Further, it employs browser development tools and API with programming languages like PHP, Python, and many more depending on the project.

Benefits of Website Development

Benefits of Website DevelopmentAs you have understood the basics of website development, how about knowing the advantages of developing a website for your business. It can attract ROI, consumers, and market share, but a piece of detailed knowledge is always good. Undoubtedly, website development has tremendously changed how the business industry works.

Here are points that cover how website development increases sales and attracts profits without much investment.

Create an easy Navigation for your audience

If you want to have a successful online platform, you should give your audience an easy guide to your presence. With a well-functioning website, you can have more audience to your website. For this purpose, professionals can help you.

There are many ways to brand your business. But websites give you the best and the most reliable platform. Through title tags, keywords, image optimization, link in the content, and better information, you can enhance the effects of web development.

Create a brand value

Now, you know the intensity of competition we have in the market. There is no business with a monopoly, even if there are companies with no perfect competitor, they have an alternative to their product type itself.

In this period, it is important to have a credible brand positioning through a reliable marketing platform. It helps you create a brand value that no one can snatch away.

More engagement and more brand loyalty

Creating a brand value comes with developing a long-term objective. The more the audience is engaged regularly, the more they will have a sense of brand loyalty. You can attach them to your brand and ensure that they will keep choosing your business.

Many marketing channels can do this, including websites. A plus point that a website has is that you can have meaningful insight into the research and market analytics about how the audience is liking the content and optimize the upcoming one accordingly.

Have content focused on the target audience

Websites generally appear in front of the people who were searching for the content. For instance, if a person wants to know about a hospital and searches for it, the results show them names and links of websites guiding several hospitals.

So, you have an option to connect directly to the target audience without generalizing your content. With Local SEO you can have a more focused marketing approach. Cater to what the consumer needs with utmost relevant information.

A cost-beneficial way of marketing

You can invest millions of your money into marketing, but better outcomes demand better planning. Building websites that comply with the market and equalize with your business requirements is essential.

Developing a website is one of the most cost-efficient ways of creating a market for your business. And if you do it with ready-made templates without any help from professionals, you will have to spend no money on it.

We hope these benefits have helped you in understanding how developing a website can help you out in creating a profitable business. Now that you have grasped a fine understanding of web development and also got reasons to invest in it, let’s get to know about its price and costing.

Why is it Difficult to Determine the Cost of Developing a Website?

The cost of developing a website is intricate and there is not any simple answer for the question. Generalized opinions can’t perfectly determine the cost of developing a website for your business, many factors define the budget.

Many things like the type of website you wish to have or the kind of services you want, also the type of team or professionals you want to employ plays a major role.

But in this journey, we are with you. This informational guide will further clarify your understanding of how generally the cost of developing a website is decided.

Factors that affect Determining the Cost of Developing a Website

Factors that affect Determining the Cost of Developing a WebsiteAn array of factors determines the cost of your website. These might not be able to give you a perfect cost, but you can have an idea and then plan to talk to an agency or a professional accordingly. Have a look at these factors and guide your journey further.

We have segmented the group of factors into three major segments. One is Type and Purpose, the second is Phases and the third is Crucial factors.

Types and Purpose

The first step towards developing a website is to consider what purpose is there to build a website. A clear goal helps you create a rewarding website for your business. Here we have listed 8 different types of websites that are trending in the market, and you can make your choice here.

Personal Website or Blog

You can develop a website for sharing news and advice with your target audience. These pages will let you communicate easily and without sounding like advertising.

Landing Page

What happens when you have a brochure in your hand? Yes, you get a guide to hiring that business service or product. The landing page is a digital media brochure, you can attract customers and sales.

Corporate Website

These websites engage people by communicating business values to consumers online. These are for marketing and here you can communicate the company’s goal.


Heard of websites that play the role of monetary transactions? Yes, these are E-commerce sites, ideal for online payment for the exchange of goods and services. Suppliers can use these kinds of websites to sell their products online with multiple users or a compound platform.

Educational Website

Businesses that are looking for students for their online courses or subjects have this type of website. Educational websites are more about niche-related informative topics that make people understand the intellectual level of the business.


This web page offers a directory and a search system that incorporates location-based features and feedback with a rating system. These websites are useful for people looking for services of real estate, jobs, hostility, car rentals, hotels, and many more.

Web Portal

This section has informational websites, where web resources come together and offer email, forums, contacts, and much more. These web portals are key elements of communication and message transmission.

Social Websites or community building platforms

These sites are especially for social interaction, surfing, chatting, calling, and much more. Some classic examples of these types of web hosting are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


After that, you have decided to build a certain type of website. Phases of a website play a crucial role in the cost of your website. None of this phase can be an option but still, you can have a hold on the costing. It is best to comprehend the average cost associated with each stage.

UX and UI Design

A successful website can start and engage people by catering to them the best of the content with the best of the services. Designing a User Interface lets you decide how the user will interact with the website and User Experience is about what the visitor will infer.

The process of this phase starts with researching what the target audience wants and how it can be made unique. Followed by Wireframing and at last, there is designing the User Experience and User Interface.

Price Range: Coming to the cost of this phase, it might take up around $750-$4,000 and more, depending on the requirements. The cost depends on the time taken and time depends on the project requirements and complexity.

Front-End Development

This phase is to create an interface and first visual touch-point that website visitors recognize. It starts with the designing part and converts into a QA testing format.

Front-end development determines what kind of perception and inference the visitors will make from the visit of the website. The cost influential factors of this phase are website responsiveness and the complexity of animations and design.

Price Range: The front-end development phase takes an average of two to six weeks, and the cost of this much time and medium complexity is around $1,000, it may increase to $13,000 or even more with an increase in requirements and complexity.

 Back-End Development

When a user has interacted with the visual website interface, the back-end plays its role. Also known as server-side development, it is the core of any website and is also responsible for streamlined functioning.

Cost influencing factors of back-end development include integration with third-party services, complex queries, data processing tasks, and much more. With these factors, time for development is also a contributing factor.

Price Range: As it takes around five weeks, the price range of back-end development is $4,000-$12,500 and many even increase.

Content Management System Development and Coding

Websites are only useful if you can create valuable and informational content regularly on them. for creating, editing, and managing the website content regularly without any chaos, you have to develop a good CMS.

If you don’t have CMS, you will have to reach out to the developer now and then for uploading or editing any content. Developing a CMS helps you communicate better and engage your audience regularly.

Price Range: Count on it to invest around $3,000 – $9,000 for three to eight weeks of Content Management system development.

These are three phases, you can even have more like SEO development, Designing, and much more. You can have a better website as more money you are willing to invest. Some techniques and some phases might cost high but they get you an attractive ROI.

Other Crucial Factors

  • Some other crucial factors are web pages, you might need a single web page and even go up to 300 pages. These number pages determine the cost of your website. The price for this factor ranges between $1,000 to $10,000.
  • Domain Name – This is the unique address you will have in the search bar; customized domains may cost you around $400, but if you want a normal one, you can have it for $5 to $15.
  • Style and Theme of the Website – this factor determines the visuals and usability of your website. the simpler design you require, the lesser price you will have to pay. Count on to pay $2,000 to $15,000.
  • Responsive Design – The design that adjusts to your consumer’s screen size is responsive design. This design can cost you from $3000 to $25,000.
  • Interactive Multimedia – Interactive multi-media engages and attracts more users, the price range for this factor is from $250 to $10,000.
  • Website Hosting – This service keeps your website accessible on the search engine. Consider investing an amount of $75 to $200 yearly on this.
  • Maintenance – Keeping your website up-to-date with no chances of fallbacks or glitches is essential. This can take up around $500 to $12,000 yearly of your money.
  • SSL Certificate – this helps you to make your site appear safe to the users. This certificate needs to be renewed every year. Monthly it takes a charge from $10 – $1000.

What to look for in the Professionals you hire for Website Development?

As we have gone through the highlights of how much a website development costs, now it’s time to make a checklist. This checklist is of skills your professionals should have.

  • Attractive Portfolio with a high success ratio
  • High level of dexterity in developing a website
  • Good Designing Skills
  • 360 skillsets for Website development
  • Time range and punctuality
  • Transparency and integration
  • Flexibility
  • Communication skills
  • Marketing Expertise

Why Choose Auxano Global Services?

As the top Website Development Company, we have professionals who are well-trained and qualified. They have experience in the field and are also adept at following the latest technological and website development trends.

At Auxano Global Services, we create a team of experts from the industry through a very fine filter of professionalism, and intellectuality.


The cost of a website development depends on various factors that we discussed above. As we know you can develop a website on your own, but a professional’s magic is something else. Some investment can take your business to the next level.

Auxano Global Services is the best among the industry of website developers. Work with experts from the industry, and create an amazing website for your business. We have developers that comply with all the skills mentioned above in the checklist. Not one, not two, but we have a team working towards projects by your clients. Our developers have utmost dexterity and can comprehend your requirements.

If you are willing to anchorage the success of your website, Contact our Consultants now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What about the Marketing of the Website?

    Marketing of the website is done through various ways like SEO, Social Media marketing, copywriting, Email Marketing, and much more. The cost of marketing your website ranges from how you want to take it further. Different ways of marketing have different prices.

  • 2. Is maintenance important for the Website?

    Anything can happen, for updates and modification, you will have to do regular maintenance. It helps you resolve possible risks of glitches.

  • 3. What are the alternatives to hiring an agency?

    There are two other ways, you can have a freelancer, and other than you can have an in-house team working for you. But these two have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • 4. How can I know more about this topic and get a perfect budget template?

    Please feel free to contact our experts and get your queries resolved. Our experts will be pleased to have contacted you.

  • 5. Which is the best agency for Website Development?

    Well, many agencies are manifesting to provide the best of the services, we act on it too. Our experts have records of successful projects and they know how to understand client requirements and deliver accordingly.

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